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Highlights of This Practice

Located along a busy throughfare traversing one of the older residential areas of Cape Town, Belhar, this lively upbeat practice is well-situated and has great "presence" in the area.

It is situated in a modern shopping mall, with anchor tenants like Spar, Clicks and Pep, so there is significant passing trade, while being surrounding by a low-middle-class residential neighbourhood.

The shopping mall is in the middle of Belhar, albeit the more affluent section, while at the same time being safely accessible to the broader Belhar community.

Affirming its central location the University of Western Cape is constructing student hostels on three sides of the mall. These will be occupied by mostly upcountry students who are beneficiaries of first-tier medical aids such as GEMS, etc. with great dental benefits.

The practice is currently family patient-oriented, focusing mainly on conservative dentistry. The majority treatment being basic dentistry: cleanings, fillings and dentures.

Offering easy, flexible hours from 9am to 5.30pm, the practice is manned by staff from the area, so has pretty perfectly matches the requirements for convenience required by its patients.

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“Why Is The Current Owner Practically Giving Away Such A Good Surgery?”

The practice manager of ERICA SQUARE DENTISTRY has heart-wrenchingly decided to step down, given his workload in having to manage 4 other practices besides this one. He feels he is not able to do justice to nurturing the potential growth of this dental practice.

This practice would ideally suite a young starting-out dentist, keen on whetting their beak and making their mark. The signs are all there that this practice will turn into a lucrative venture for someone who is prepared to grab the opportunity, put shoulder to the wheel and focus on marketing the daylights out of this dental practice.

“Secure a Foothold in suburban Cape Town even if You’re Not a Capetonian!”

It is a known fact that many, many dentists have reached the pinnacle of their profession, while at the same time building their fortunes, in Cape Town.

The presence of long-established dentists in and around Cape Town tells a story. One is that it is a difficult market to enter impactfully.

This dental practice for sale at Erica Square Dentistry offers you a great opportunity to achieve career fulfillment.

Acquiring this practice will give you a foothold into this perenially lucrative market just off the Stellenbosch arterial corridor, with easy patient access.

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  • In our experience, provided there are no issues with the funding being in place, the entire process should last about three weeks after which you may take possession.

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